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Before Joining the FASTer Way

Before joining The FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I dabbled in intermittent fasting and a variety of low carb/high fat programs and had short term success with both. I could never make it through the fasting because I didn’t have anyone who taught me how to do it the right way and more importantly I wasn’t eating enough of the right foods during my eating window. I have found this is the #1 mistake people make with fasting! When I first started eating low carb, I admittedly thought it was the best thing ever, until I started feeling uncontrollably hungry because my body craved carbs. I have learned and coach that the right carbs are not the enemy and low carb isn’t the only way to feel strong and lean. If you want to start enjoying good carbs and not jumping on the low carb train, come join me! Let me help you find that freedom.

Danielle Martin

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