Are You Ready to Commit to Yourself?

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Are You Ready to Commit to Yourself?

I did it. Body shaming. Addiction to the scale. Trapped with negative self talk. Then one day I decided to invest in myself. To get uncomfortable. That’s where the magic happens, right!?! I spent $199 on a “6 week online boot camp” (felt safe to commit to something I could do from the comfort of my own home) that was going to give me the strategies to finally get that transformation I was looking for. I decided to commit to myself to take the steps needed to understand that I didn’t need to be on a diet. I didn’t need to run 6 miles a day AND do a HIIT workout, too. I was willing to learn. I was willing to accept progress not perfection, whereas, I used to want perfection without the progress. The FASTer Way has given me the freedom to love my body and to finally find food freedom combined with effective (and quick) fitness. Anyone else busy? Trust me: a 30 minute workout is doable and yields results. Through this lifestyle I have trimmed off what I thought I was destined to carry forever. The conversation I would love to have with you is how you can do this, too. If you’ve been telling yourself you are stuck and you’re scared to make the commitment to yourself, I’m ready and willing to show you how to overcome this. I’m going to help you feel more confident, stop that negative self talk and share with you the strategies I follow and coach so you can wear those jeans or that dress that you had given up on. Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

Danielle Martin

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