Becoming a FASTer Way Coach

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Becoming a FASTer Way Coach

A year-and-a-half ago I took a leap of faith to follow my passion and become a FASTer Way certified coach!! I was excited, nervous, scared, but mostly grateful. Grateful I can share my health journey on how I got myself in the best shape (mind + body) of my life.When I got certified as a FASTer Way Coach, I had no idea what would unfold for me, I only knew that the passion I had to help mentor others towards optimal health was for me, and I’d figure out how to do whatever it was I needed to learn. I can tell you with certainty that my ability to trust that gut instinct is what has me where I am today, fulfilled and helping hundreds of women who message me daily with more energy and confidence than they had before they started living the FASTer Way lifestyle.Sure, there are a thousand excuses you can find to keep you from doing something scary. I encourage you to start doing what lights your soul on fire. Your YES might just change your life.

Danielle Martin

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