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I became a certified coach in the health & wellness field to help women have energy, food freedom, and live healthy lives so that they can fulfill their purpose.



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Before Joining the FASTer Way

Before joining The FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I dabbled in intermittent fasting and a variety of low carb/high fat programs and had short term success with both. I could never make it through the fasting because I didn’t have anyone who taught me how to do it the right way and more importantly I wasn’t eating enough of the right foods during my eating window. I have found this is the #1 mistake people make with fasting! When I first started eating low carb, I admittedly thought it was the best thing ever, until I started feeling uncontrollably hungry because my body craved carbs. I have learned and coach that the right carbs are not the enemy and low carb isn’t the only way to...

6-Week Online Bootcamp

When I registered myself for a 6-week online bootcamp in 2019, I was passionate about reclaiming my energy and finding health and wellness in everyday life! I did this by learning more about whole food nutrition, tracking macros, intermittent fasting and effective fitness. This program and support behind it has turned into passion of mine which has taken me to lead and encourage others on this same journey! I started small, stayed consistent, and just kept pushing. That is what this program represents! Setting goals, taking small steps, staying consistent and celebrate non scale victories along the way!  ...

One Big Change

I was an over-exerciser. I literally tracked my exercise daily and logged all the miles I ran for many years (one year I ran enough miles I could have run from WA to NEW York City) before finding the FASTer Way. I used to do 1-2 hours of cardio a day and while I still love a good cardio sweat session, it’s not the foundation of my workouts anymore. Although my opinion of how I look at exercise has changed drastically, going to the gym is something I do still love to do. For me, exercise is a stress reliever. It gives me a boost of energy. It makes me feel stronger. It makes me happier. Here is a picture of my enjoying a couple mile walk along the boardwalk in sunny San Diego. ...

About Me

I am a wife and mother to five, as well as a multiple business owner with a passion to educate and empower women (especially busy ladies like myself) to make sustainable lifestyle changes in order to be a happier, healthier version of themselves. I want to give women the tools they need to successfully create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families and be comfortable in their own skin from the inside out. ...