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I became a certified coach in the health & wellness field to help women have energy, food freedom, and live healthy lives so that they can fulfill their purpose.



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My son was about to turn 2 years old and I was struggling with my health. I had no energy, I hadn't lost all of my baby weight, I had low mood, and daily aches and pains. I had zero self-confidence. After just the first week on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss wellness program I started to see changes in my health. After my 6-week round I had lost all my baby weight, my energy was through the roof, my sleep was great and my skin was glowing, I had no more aches and pains, and my mood was better! I finally found my confidence again! This is my new lifestyle and I'll never go back!


After having my second baby, I needed something that was healthy, laid out for me, simple to follow, and sustainable. I wanted a true lifestyle shift. I can say with 100% certainty that is what I found with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. After doing 2 rounds, I felt more confident than I had in years, had an abundance of energy, and was fitting into all of my college clothes again. One year later, I’m still following the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and don’t see that changing anytime soon.


My fitness journey started 4 years ago. I’ve always been athletic and fit but let myself go in my late 40’s. When I turned 51 I knew something had to change. I started working out 6 to 7 days a week. It was mostly cardio with a couple days of strength training and I was eating 80% clean. I did this for 3 years. I lost about 20 lbs that first year but still had 20 lbs to go and it would not budge. My doctor told me about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® in early 2017. I started my first round in March 2017 and the fat just started melting off! I did a second round then entered the VIP program and I’ve been living the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® ever since. I’m 55 now and leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been! I had been dealing with stomach issues over the last 10 years and once I started intermittent fasting ALL my stomach issues went away. The BEST part though has been watching my husband and 2 adult daughters incorporate what they saw me doing and now their digestive health is better than it’s ever been! My husband recently joined the men’s program and it’s been fun watching his clothes get bigger and bigger every day! I believe in this program 100%!


I have been a yo-yo dieter my entire adult life.I have spent thousands of dollars on the next big “weight loss” thing- gym memberships, at home gym equipment, shakes, pills, supplements, videos... If it was out there to buy, I gave it a shot.
Nothing truly worked. Sometimes they would for the short term, but nothing was sustainable.
I joined a popular gym in March 2018 and was determined to be Fit by Forty. When I joined, I had 1½ years before my 40th birthday. I counted my calories and went 5 days a week. I saw results... until I was too exhausted and always injured from pushing too hard. There had to be another way! I wanted to keep going but I was hungry, tired, and my results had stalled. I decided to try the FASTer Way to Fat Loss because of the ENERGY the participants were raving about. I thought I had my food and workout routine figured out- I just needed energy to push through my plateau. BOY WAS I WRONG! (about all of it!)
Within two weeks I had the energy I was hoping for... and more than I ever imagined! I found out I could workout less and eat more and start seeing results again. I learned that everything I “thought” I knew from the fitness industry was a wrong. I learned that I can FEEL amazing and LOOK amazing with little tweaks to my normal everyday life. I learned that this is sustainable and I learned that this is how to life your best life. (and I still have 6 months before my 40th birthday! ;)*The photos are four months apart, from doing 2 rounds of the FWTFL, August - December 2018.


I had pretty much resigned to the fact that it was time to start shopping for that dreaded one piece swimsuit! As a travel agent and mom of two kids who love to spend summers at the lake, I felt very uncomfortable in my own skin the last 2 years. Weight was definitely harder to get off than it has been in the past. I had been watching the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® grow on instagram for a year before I finally took the plunge! What sold me on this program was the power I felt fully understanding the nutrition and what foods did what for my body. The fact that I am still doing this nearly 18 months later is a true testimony to just how amazing the strategies are for this program! I feel very blessed to be where I am today in my journey and know that the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® has given me more energy, better sleep and fuel for my body to keep up with our demanding schedules. It's crazy to think that the feelings of bloat, exhaustion, inflammation used to be my normal and I'm grateful at how much better I feel!

Before I started using Rodan + Fields seven years ago my skin was unhealthy! Blotchy, uneven and red...you name it. I tried many high end brands, bargain brands, celebrity brands - nothing was making a difference until the Redefine Regimen from R+F entered my life! My skin FELT & looked better in a matter of weeks! And with time and consistency began to transform. And then the compliments started rolling in...and yes I said with great enthusiasm “why thank you, it must be my skincare! - Danielle